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Mixed Breed (Large)


0-1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Layton, UT


We adopted Frankie and she was misrepresented to us as being housebroken when she isn't. We've also realized that she isn't the best fit for our family because she prefers to be outside and really misses having other dogs around as she loves all dogs (and cats, though they don't always love her back).

Frankie is an English Mastiff/Boxer mix, though she strongly resembles her mastiff side. We didn't know it when we adopted her, but these dogs are a registered designer breed known as a Boxmas. She is probably around 50 lbs right now and will get bigger but not much. Thankfully, she has inherited the tighter jowls of her boxer mother and doesn't drool unless she's really nervous. She's a sloppy drinker though. She's also single coated and doesn't shed very much (again, unless she's really nervous). She sheds less than our short haired cat.

I cannot stress enough what a sweet and calm dog she is. She is a typical 8 month old, so growing out of her puppy tendencies but still needs training. She loves kids but because of her size needs a home with older kids. She doesn't jump on people, and never barks, even when people come to the door, but she will get excited when she thinks it's time to play. She does not react to dogs when she sees or hears them, other than to want to meet them. We have neighbors with dogs that will sometimes bark at her on the other side of the fence and she ignores them.

She will sit and be still if required to be and is learning to come when called. She does amazing on walks though she is new to the process and not trained so don't expect her to heel or do anything fancy. She's smart and has already begun to learn commands (cheese is her favorite training treat).

She has a shy personality and is wary of men especially but will still approach and let them pet her if they are calm about it. She struggles most with submissive peeing so best to do meet and greets with men outside until she's made friends (again, cheese is a great motivator for her).

Unbeknownst to us, her previous owners taught her to poop and pee in her crate so we had to get rid of the crate and have instead kept her in a small tiled area of our home at night. She goes in around 10:00 pm and we don't hear a peep from her until the next morning. Most mornings she makes it through the night with no accidents but sometimes she has peed if we don't get to her in time.

We are already attached to Frankie and it was a hard decision to re-home her but we believe it's what is best for her. She deserves a home with another dog because she clearly misses her old dog friends. She'll come to her new home with a martingale collar, a Kong halter, a leash, and a few toys. She is not spayed but according to her previous owners she is up to date on her shots and has a rabies tag.

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