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3 Years




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Miami, FL


I adopted Biggie when he was 3 months old back in 2020 in Lima, Perú (that’s where we are originally from). At that time I was single and lived completely by myself. We had a great first year together, we travelled (as much as we could given that it was in the middle of the first year of the pandemic), we hung out, he became a part of my work team, going to the office with me everyday, he had a trainer, we had a groupchat with other Bullies from my neighborhood and we would always get together.
Problems started the second year. He started to develop a temper. He would want to fight other male dogs and started getting triggered with little toddlers.

The next two years of his life and our lives were filled with changes. I say “our” because right around that time I met my now wife. She moved in with her cat and that was a whole process. We spent a bunch of time, energy and money in training him because he was really aggressive with her. But after 6 months we got it done and now they are friends. They play and tease each other and I would even say that now she is the one who bullies him.

After that we moved to the USA leaving Peru because of the political situation over there which is a mess and we had our first daughter who is already 16 months old. Yes a bunch of changes in a short period of time. Changes that have been hard for everyone including Biggie.

The thing is that his agressivness towards toddlers, other dogs (now female and males but totally random, he is cool with some dogs regardless of breed, age or sex), and some old people has gotten worse.

We are super careful with him when he goes on his walks and he is trained so it’s not that difficult. The thing is that we always said that we were going to manage him into our lives (because he is our son), unless he shows aggressiveness towards Sassa (our daughter). We thought that was impossible because he was always protective with her, they took naps together, and always was happy around her wiggling his tail and wanting to lick her face.

Sadly that day we thought would never come, came. Things changed when Sassa started crawling. The first time he growled at her (real bad and scary) but he was playing with a ball, so we gave him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he was just protecting his ball. But a few days or weeks after that he bit her in the face. Thank god it wasn´t a serious bite, but regardless. He bit her and it was totally unprovoked. I was there and saw the whole thing. He left his teeth marked on her face but mild marks. No open wounds, no blood but still, he bit her.

This happened like 5 months ago, and in that time my father passed away so I have been pushing this for weeks that have turned into months. It’s a very hard decision and even writing this down next to my wife we can’t believe it and it’s a decision that hurts really bad. We wrote this e-mail 2 months ago but we couldn´t send it. It is just so hard but things are not getting better and we caný afford a trainer and even if trained, We don´t think we can ever fully 100% trust him with Sassa and that is just gonna limit his life alot and it is not fair for anybody.

Unfortunatly we live in a 700 square feet apartment, the space is very limited. I work from home, Sassa is playing around all day and Biggie, although he is being walked like always 3-4 times a day he still is spending a bunch of time locked in his crate, or in the room, or the balcony and the situation is just unbearable. You can see in his face he is not happy and he deserves to be so. Because he is a good dog, lovely, playful, affectionate 95% of the time, he gives the best cuddles. It’s that 5% that we can’t live with because of the circumstances.

Biggie should be happy living on a ranch, or a farm, or in a house where there are no kids and no plans of having kids, and maybe somebody that could afford a proper trainer to correct those triggering things he has.

We can keep him until a Foster home is found for him, it doesn´t have to be immediate. We are open to ideas and options, we just want to avoid sending him to a horrible pound. We want him to have the best life possible, we love him so much and are truly heartbroken.

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