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Domestic Medium Hair


10 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Bothell, WA


Leo has been in our lives since he was a kitten. We got him at Bridges Pet Store in Snohomish in 2013. We were told he did not do well with other cats when we got him, so he’s been a solo pet in our home. He is very sweet, cuddly, and friendly, but he is very easily frightened/startled. He started as a fully indoor cat because of our apartment living. When we first bought our home, we would occasionally let him explore a little outside and he loved that. We stopped letting him out pretty quickly, however, because we live on 2 very busy streets, and he also seemed to easily pick up fleas and we didn’t want those in our house. If his new home was in a quieter neighborhood, I’m sure he would love to explore outside, but he is familiar and very used to the indoor living if that’s preferred.

We’ve always had cat scratch posts for him, and he’s never tried to scratch up any of our furniture. He never pees in the house and always goes to his litter box. He does occasionally throw up, but that’s almost always after he’s managed to eat something he’s not supposed to (I.e. flowers that are on the counter and ribbon off of presents).

He loves chasing lasers and reflections on the wall and is always down for a good belly rub.

Overall, he’s a very low-key cat and has been a really great pet. He’s never been a biter and hasn’t ever scratched us except accidentally when he bolted out of my arms after getting scared. He’s really the sweetest cat!! The main reason we are looking to re-home him is because he is terrified of our toddlers. We had our first child 3.5 years ago now, and ever since then Leo spends almost the entire day hiding and locking himself in our bedroom. He’s never bit or scratched either of my kids, even after they pull at him or try and play with him, but he will hiss and run away and is clearly terrified. At this point, with the hope of more children to come, we think the best thing would be to find Leo a calmer home to live in.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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