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Miss Priss

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American Shorthair


5 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Tampa, FL


Note: In addition to the pictures I am providing here, I also have 2 videos I would be happy to email anyone who is interested. They are sure to show more of this sweetheart's personality.

Miss Priss is a STRAY kitty who is only shown indoors in my pictures because she sometimes darts inside my customer's home to steal cat food from my her cat's bowl (then tries to hang around for naps in the A/C.)

I am hoping to help find her a safe, loving indoor home because my customer does not want another indoor cat.

She feeds 8 to 10 additional strays/ferals who frequent her yard daily (and all but 2 have been spayed/neutered).

The cat food expense has taken its toll on her financially. Although I help her as often as I can, it's still not enough to feed 10 to 12 mouths (when including her indoor kitty, and Miss Priss.)

The other kitties who are outdoors are quite skittish and would need a LOT of time/patience/work bringing them around to being indoor cats, but NOT this little girl! She was clearly someone's indoor pet at some point, but lost her home for a reason unknown to us.

Miss Priss wants so badly to stay indoors, but my customers says it's a no-go -- and is adamant about it.

Here is what I can tell you about this sweetheart:
1. She is an adult, but has a small frame. Her size makes her look more like a 'teenager', but we know she's an adult bc she had a litter of kittens awhile back, before we had her spayed/vaccinated.
2. She loves catnip!
3. She also enjoys having 'conversations' with us when we talk to her. :)
4. She gets along great with all the other cats outdoors -- as well as my customer's indoor kitty.
5. The neighbor has a bunch of pitbull dogs in their back yard, and their barking does not phase her. For this reason, I suspect she would be fine with canine brothers/sisters.
6. She is ADORABLE when she eats because she sort of marches in place as she chews because she enjoys it so much (which can be seen in my video.)
7. Although she does not like being picked up (like most cats), she LOVES attention, to include being petted and playing with toys.

She is located in the Brandon area, but I would be glad to transport to wherever she needs to go.

Likewise, although she has been spayed, I would be happy to personally cover up to $150 in initial vet costs, as may be recommended by Cat Depot (meaning updating her rabies vax, an exam, defleaing, deworming, etc.)

I am extremely worried about her safety because there are vicious dogs roaming the neighborhood. One of the other (unadoptable) cats was not only killed, but literally ripped into pieces by the loose dogs. :(

There is also a lot of traffic nearby, AND the neighbor HATES CATS. She has told my customer on many occasions that she had better keep all of the cats off of her property. The nasty neighbor has also dumped kittens at 'the pound' in the past, with no regard for the fact that they were likely to be euthanized.

Anyway, if this sweet girl speaks to your heart, please let me know where I can send my video clips for your further consideration.

Thank you!

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