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Mixed Breed (Large)


7 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Greer, SC


We will be moving to England in October and believe the move will be extremely stressful for our sweet dog Hazel and would therefore like to rehome her prior to our move.

We adopted Hazel from Greenville Animal Care four years ago. She was abandon and found hiding in a park in Spartanburg. She was listed as a German Sheppard mix, but we don't believe that is accurate. She looks very similar to a Red Fox Lab. Her estimated age at this time is 7 years old.

Hazel is a very loving, loyal and protective dog. I must admit she can be a bit over protective of "her people" at times. She will greet you at the door and loves nothing more than to lie right next to you and receive your affection.

Hazel can be left in the house all day with no worry of accidents. Although she loves to have a bone to chew on, she has never chewed on shoes, furniture or other household items. She is the perfect inside pet. We live on a 2 acre non-fenced property where Hazel loves to spend time outside basking in the sun, and roaming around the yard. On our property she is fine to be off leash, but if she sees a squirrel or a deer... the chase is on! She is not a huge fan of riding in the car, but if we go anywhere else, she is very well behaved on a leash. If you looking for an active dog who wants to play fetch or tug of war with a rope, Hazel is probably not the dog for you. Occasionally she will play with a chew toy, but for the most part, she is a bit of a couch potato. (But stays on the floor or in her dog bed...not allowed on the couch.)

Hazel currently lives in a home with 6 people who are all over 18 years old. She is very aware and on guard of her surroundings. She startles easily and will bark aggressively when she feels threatened. She is NOT comfortable around loud voices or unexpected movements that frighten her and she tends to be more intimidated by men than women. In all honesty, I think she is best suited to live with a single person or couple in a quiet environment. When anyone comes to the door, she will bark aggressively. If I am having anyone come into the house, I do put Hazel in the bedroom. Her overprotective nature does not welcome "strangers" into the house. The hair on her back will stand up, she will crouch down and bark, and try to prevent the stranger from walking freely. This behavior is why I have checked "Behavior Concerns" on this questionnaire.

We do have a second dog in our home. Hazel and Bear play together, but both are more independent than a bonded pair. Hazel will growl at Bear if he comes too close when Hazel is chewing on a bone, but I can reach down and pick up the bone and Hazel is fine. I have not witnessed Hazel around cats, so don't know how she would do with one. Although I do not have personal experience with Hazel around children, my gut tells me that would not be a good match. Hazel enjoys a predictable quiet environment, and as an elementary school teacher I know children and quiet do not typically go hand in hand.

Although it breaks my hear to leave Hazel behind as we move, I truly feel finding a new loving home is what is best for her.

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