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Domestic Medium Hair


10 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Madison, WI


Mystic is a special kitty that loves to be pet, sleep, and most of all, eat! If she has love and a comfy place to sleep and her bowl is filled, she will be the happiest cat! She isn't super cuddly and doesn't enjoy being picked up but if you sit with her, she will let you pet her forever and purr and smush her had into your hand demanding more pets!

Mystic is deaf. She doesn't mind other cats as long as they are nice to her and don't sneak up on her too often. I have introduced her to 2 cats now since we have had her, and she has done well with them.

The previous shelter we adopted her from did say she does not do well with dogs at all, we have not had her around any dogs to confirm and I'm not sure how she is with small kids, but she does enjoy my 14-year-old niece!

She doesn't play too often, but she does get the zoomies and runs around the room for a short time, she does like her peacock feathers and LOVES to scratch on cat scratchers. She also likes to sleep up on a perch, if possible, but she will sleep just about anywhere! She does chew on cardboard, so I keep anything like that out of her reach.

Her owner is moving to Arizona due to health reasons and unfortunately could not bring her along. It was a very sudden move and a difficult decision for him to make. I have been watching Mystic for the past few weeks but cannot keep her permanently due to my cat disliking other cats in her space.

Please help us find Mystic the loving home she deserves. She's a sweet girl and she will show you lots of love.

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