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Herhey and Buttercup

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Domestic Shorthair


9 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Seattle, WA


Meet Hershey and Buttercup, the dynamic feline duo searching for their forever home! These two charming cats are looking to share their love with a caring family who will appreciate their unique personalities.

Hershey, a distinguished 10-year-old black cat, is the epitome of friendliness and social grace. This gentleman adores human interaction and can't resist striking up a conversation with his melodic meows. A seasoned expert in the art of head scratches and cuddles, Hershey will make sure you never feel alone – his FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) drives him to be your loyal companion, following you wherever you go. His talents extend beyond just companionship; he's a clever cat who knows a few tricks that are sure to delight you. And if you're indulging in some cheese sticks or string cheese, be prepared for some adorable antics as he can't resist joining you for a nibble. Hershey gets along swimmingly with dogs and children, making him the ideal addition to any family looking for a furry friend. He loves basking in the sun's warmth and will spend blissful hours sunbathing. When it comes to grooming, Hershey is a breeze for nail trims, but he will politely decline baths and may get a bit stressed during car rides.

Buttercup, a lovely 9-year-old tabby cat, may be initially shy and timid, but don't let that fool you – she's an absolute sweetheart once she feels comfortable around you. Give her a little time, and she'll reward your patience with an abundance of head scratches and cuddle sessions. Buttercup may prefer solitude at times, but her affectionate side shines through when she's cozying up to her trusted human. Be mindful of crinkly objects, as she has a fondness for exploring with her taste buds and may munch on plastic or crinkly items. Like her companion Hershey, Buttercup enjoys the warmth of the sun and will gladly share those sunbathing moments with you. While she may not have a repertoire of tricks, her endearing personality and gentle demeanor more than make up for it. Buttercup is also compatible with dogs and children, but she tends to keep her interactions limited to observing from a comfortable distance. When it comes to grooming, she handles nail trims like a pro and is relatively tolerant of baths and car rides.

These two charming cats have spent their lives together, and while they cherish each other's company, they are adaptable and would be content as the only pets in their new home or in the company of other friendly pets. They have shared a loving home with their current owner, but a change in circumstances necessitates finding them a new, loving environment.

If you're seeking a loving, interactive, and heartwarming addition to your family, consider adopting Hershey and Buttercup. They come with years of love to give and will surely fill your home with joy and companionship. Rest assured, these delightful cats are healthy, neutered (Hershey) and spayed (Buttercup), and up-to-date on all their vaccinations.

If you believe your home could be the purrfect match for Hershey and Buttercup, don't hesitate to reach out and arrange a meet-and-greet. You'll quickly discover the wonderful connection that can be formed with these endearing feline friends. Hershey and Buttercup are looking for new owner(s), where they'll make every day a little brighter with their unconditional love.

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