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Unknown Cat Breed


3 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Cincinnati, OH


Hi, I'm Bella. Short for Baelfire, cause my momma thought I'd be a spitfire of a girl cat and my brother is named Mellow for marshmallow cause he looks likes a toasted marshmallow. Get it- bonfire with marshmallows? But I'm totally the opposite of a spitfire firey cat.
I am a grey and black striped tiger kitty. I was rescued in November 2020 and the vet put my bday as 7/31/2020. I really am an amazing cat- so sweet and soft. But I am so very very very shy. I will hide in a room whenever ANYONE comes over and not eat for a few days after, so dont get worried if I disappear for a bit. Just put some food and water near my hidey space and I promise, I'll come out and eat when you don't see me. I love to sit near my mom when she works and get light pets. But not too much please. I wil lay near you and purr but only if other animals or pets aren't around and I feel safe. Can I say, I'm the pure definitions of a "scaredy cat". But I will never ever bite, hiss or claw at anyone. I just hide and am scared of people and animals..all things except my family. Once I get to know you and maybe one gentle cat, I'll come around. I have a funny personality then as well, just look at some of my pictures!

I do not like treats nor wet food. Just a simple dry food. And don't worry, I also will never try to escape to the outside—I am afraid of out there too. I just really want to find a place where I can feel safe, secure and wonder around and be happy all the time, not just every so often. I truly am so amazing! Can you love me and give me a safe, quiet home?

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