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Mixed Breed (Large)


1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Eugene, OR


I’m a lovable, goofy, brilliant, and handsome dog named Jackson, and I’m in need of a new forever home. I never thought I would have to part ways so soon, but my home situation demands so. I’m a sweet boy, not without my issues, looking for an owner experienced with active breeds, with room to run around preferably with another dog to play with. I’m a designer purebred shepherd mix breed: 50% German Shepherd (black), and 50% Karakachan (Bulgarian Shepherd). I have a unique curly tail thanks to my Karakachan roots, which may or may not straighten out after a few more years. I’m a bundle of energy, and this can be hard for some to handle. I love a lot of attention, to shadow my people around, and it can be helpful if there’s another dog around for me to romp and rough around with. I may do best with an active dog of similar size. I’m just around 80 lbs now and almost one and a half years old. I’m a working dog and in need of a full-time job to keep me busy!

I’m shy around strangers at first and often lunge almost always at anything that moves while on leash. It’s more of a mix of fear and excitement than anything else. I’m very attentive and can spot things from a distance, making note of who is around. I’m very smart and understand how to open lever-style doors, excelling when I can push them open and working on my skills when they open inward. I understand that walking on a sidewalk instead of the street is preferable, and will lead you back over when the sidewalk is available again. I know that crossing can happen at any time, but most often at corners. I’ve been taught to “wait”, then cross with “The walk sign is on”. I can walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, and run! I may rest for a bit after a good outing but generally will be ready for another soon! I am mostly all-black so in the sun I can become a hot dog quickly and will find some shade to lay in. I really like being outside, smelling the fresh air. I’ll open the door just to sit in the doorway on the porch looking out at nature’s television. I’m a big fan of moving water, so sprinklers in yards and spraying hoses tempt me to drink. It’s extra fun when my water bowl is getting filled, I prefer to drink the waterfall and then will transition to the basin. I’m very eager to jump in the car and ride well. If the window is cracked or open I will flip flop between the windows tipping my nose outside.

I’m crate trained and do well getting in for “bedtime” with an occasional treat. However, I have separation anxiety so I have not been left at home alone. I whine, bark, scratch, and try to bite my kennel when I think I’m left alone. I haven’t been left long in a car, and I have been really good when waiting there, just keeping attentive for when my people return. I dig in the yard occasionally however I’m mostly agreeable to being redirected to more ideal locations. I have not dug industriously though, and more often am digging a cup-sized hole to hide a bone, with a little pat of my nose to nudge twigs and top off my buried treasure.

I love to play with toys, and that’s an understatement (I’m a true ball-er)! I always need to have lots of toys; if I don’t have them I will turn anything around me into one (no stick too large or small)! Some of my favorites are balls, rope/tug-a-war, whimzees, & sticks. I like to chew to destroy usually, not to eat. For example with sticks, I’m a natural woodchipper. I will come with everything I own: Crate, toys, treats, brush, clippers, leash/harness, medical/vaccine record, and well wishes.

I’m not in my first home. I was adopted off of CL, and was not socialized or exercised well prior (up until around 6 months old). I was living with cats, kittens, and a very young child, however due to my energy, size, and lack of socialization I may be safer away from cats and young ones. You can tell I have a heart for kids though as schools and children will sweep my attention away. I’m an observer of life that needs some space or someone with patience and practice in building up my socialization potential. Often I like to greet others will a quick jump and face-lick, and I’m very swift in movement!

My people are dealing with an ongoing family emergency: their mom has a terminal illness and their father was recently diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease. Because of this, they have been driving biweekly in and out of state. I’m having to get boarded over half the time. I need a loving, forever home, where I can get the attention and exercise I need without having to be boarded half the time.

We are all heartbroken for me to have to be rehomed, but due to the situation, it will be best for all of us.

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