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German Shepherd


1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Janesville, WI


Myra was brought to WI with a Husky Rescue. She was found wandering the streets in Texas with a Husky. She was brought to WI at approximately 8-9 months of age. She has been in our home for approximately 8 months so we have a good sense of her nature/habits. She is a sweet, silly , high energy girl who still has a lot to learn. While she still needs to be worked with on various behaviors to really reach her full potential she has made great strides in the last 8 months. Upon arrival she would EAT toys. She has learned we feed her 2x a day so that is no longer necessary. She is crate trained. She is not currently crated for long hours....typically 4-7 hours a day. Potty training was difficult. She was more interested in sniffing and watching birds/squiralls outside to do her business.....we had to make sure she goes....but now she seems to have that figured out too. One great thing is she does not go to the bathroom on walks (odd I know). She will go once we return back home. She has made nice improvements on leash walking. She does great with a prong collar and while at times is a little pully until she gets a short bit out on the walk (because she is so excited and loves walks) then she relaxes and is a great walker. She is even familiar with running next to a bike... I take her on bike runs occasionally and she loves it. She is young so she DOES need walks/runs (ideally 2x /day) to help her be settled /good girl at home. She is young so can get into trouble if not watched.... occasionally dig outside, get in trash, play with non toys (she will grab a shovel and drag it around). But she has shown a lot of improvement in this area as well. She doesn't really no how to "play" with dog toys. Occasionally she will play with a stuffed animal inside but rarely can you get her to engage in a toy outside. She is used to a fenced in yard and with her energy level and how much she enjoys outside I think a fenced yard would be best for her. She often just enjoys sitting outside for extended amounts of time. She is a jumper/can jump high so I am certain she could jump a fence lower than 5 ft...she may even be able to jump a 5ft if it is chained link. She may also do well with someone who has a several acre yard as I think she could be trained to explore yet stay close. She is a great car rider and loves to go with. She does well joining you at the pet store or others that allow pets, is not at all leash reactive or bark when see other dogs (sometimes she will express excitement if the other dog is high energy/barking). Doesn't bark at neighbors through the fence (including children). She is friendly to everyone she meets including children. While she did fine with young children visiting and neighbor kids she would probably be best suited in a home with kids 6-7yrs and up just due to her need for additional training. The ONLY reason she is being rehomed is our 9 yr old female shepherd and her are not meshing and she is not being accepted. From working with Myra and a trainer it appears she was not corrected as a puppy and therefore exhibits dominant play behavior (placing her head fully on top of other dog, head butting/pecking) this behavior is too agressive for our 9 yr old and it initiates a fight. While she is fine with casual interactions at stores/walks she may do better as an only dog or at a minimum she would need a companion that can match her energy and at the same time accept her style of play. She would not do well with small dogs in the house (again fine walking by them) or cats. She is too excitable and doesn't know how to properly play/ignore. She is very interested in squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and spends much time looking out the window or outside watching these critters. She is a sweet girl and we just want to find the best home for her. Please call/text 608-754-6147 for more information about Myra.

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