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Domestic Shorthair


4 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns
  • Medication
  • Special Diet


New Hope, MN


Dumbledore is the coolest cat ever, and is incredibly loved by me, but he is not in a home environment conducive to his needs, and I need to re-home him based on what's best for him. He is funny, playful (he even fetches!), and super affectionate. His happiest place is on your lap, but if he wants to be in his bed, he's been known to carry it places and deposit it where he wants to sleep. He loves playing with laser pointers, string, chasing his treats across a room, hunting bugs, birds (from inside, of course) and mice, and greeting visitors after the initial entry into the home has subsided. (he hangs back initially if he doesn't know the person, but he warms up quickly.)

He sleeps on the bed with you and will follow you around the house. He needs to be an only animal, and would do best in a fairly quiet home with no small children, as he has anxiety (for which he has medication, and that will come with him. He won't take pills or liquid meds for me, but he does really well with his transdermal medication!)

He has two had habits:
1) Stealing your rubber bands and hair binders - he will stop at nothing to get them, and has even opened drawers when he knows I'm storing some. When he opens the drawers he is singly focused on rubber bands/biners and doesn't take anything else out of the drawer. He also doesn't go after anything else or open drawers for other reasons. When he is done with the rubber band or hair binder, he will kindly leave it in his water dish for you.

2) Peeing outside the box. I've been working with an awesome behaviorist, and the problem is mostly under control. At this point, I believe it's habit associated with spots in my house now, and situational - I think he wants his own box or two, and so when my other cat uses the box he isn't happy. (and yes, I've tried multiple boxes...I currently maintain 4 for 2 cats, one of which is a kiddie pool filled with litter.) He had bladder crystals once, so he is on special food. Since surgery and the special kibble he hasn't had even a hint of bad bloodwork or crystals in his urine. His last checkup was June 30 where he had his yearly vaccines.

Dumble comes with all the things that make him happiest and keep him healthy, and a free session with the behaviorist I've been working with to make sure he settles into your home well.

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