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Domestic Longhair


6 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None
  • Behavior Concerns


Greenville, SC


This is Kitbull, born in 2017 in the fall approximately, 5.5 years old. He is neutered. He was rescued, along with two female siblings (one of whom, Rapunzel (spayed), I am also looking to rehome. It would be my preference if they can go together, but the most important consideration is that the home be a loving and patient home.)
Kitbull is a very loving cat, affectionate, of all of my cats (I have 4, 2 of whom I have to rehome!) However, as affectionate as he is to me, he is afraid of others who come into the home. I have not adequately introduced him to others in my home, as I have little social interaction in my home. Whenever a cat sitter or a visitor does visit, he will run and hide. I want very badly for him to have a patient caretaker that has more time to spend with him, preferably other people in the home to have him come out of his scared and shy state around people. He does well with my other cats. He acts like a dog (out of all of my cats), he likes to come when I call him, he fetches the ball. He is so playful and has such a personality. He is much the groomer and loves to groom his sister, which is a sign of their deep bond of love and trust. He can run all around the house in excitement ahead of mealtime or just to let off boredom. The downside of Kitbull's story is that he is scared. I rescued him, along with his sisters, in 2017 in Anderson, S.C. in November of 2017. He was a young kitten then and very scared, almost feral-like. He lived in a very dangerous spot off an exit, I believe Exit 27 off I-85 in Anderson, right along the entrance of 27. So for me when I saw him and his siblings it was very imperative that I try to rescue them. I did so with traps (I only had one trap, so it took me three different trips to catch all three). I ended up not going back to Anderson (from Greenville where I live) because of the distance and my work responsibilities then. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the others. He is strictly, as you might imagine, an indoor cat. I give him mostly wet to eat, with occasional dry food. He is very spirited, he is very smart. I would not call him a lap cat; however, he likes to sit close to me, and any time I call to him, he mostly stops what he is doing, and comes running. At the same time, there are times I notice (at morning feeding, if I am standing over him), where he will run from me. I almost have to be sitting down for him to come to me. And again, he will run and hide himself under the couch or in a food closet when he hears outside noise or the bell is rung. I cannot stress this enough. I would love to find him a patient and loving home with a person who is very familiar and experienced with cats that have come from the streets and had stress early on and who are fearful. This would be a best fit for him. A home with dogs would probably not work well, since he has not been introduced to dogs inside my home, though hears their barks outside. *And if there were a dog in the home, it would have to be a very submissive and small dog. It will probably take a bit of adjustment for Kitbull to feel safe in a new home because he has lived with me since 2017 and is hides even in my home.
I would like very much if Kitbull go along with his sister because there will be stress and fear when he leaves the home he has known for 5.5 years.
This has not been an easy decision for me.
I am sadly rehoming Kitbull after all of these years because of overwhelm and personal responsibilities with an aging dad, work, and I want him to have a better life and a caregiver who has more time to nurture him.
In the best of all worlds, I would love to rehome them to family or friends, but none have shown the interest. I thank you for reading Kitbull's bio and background.

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