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Husky, Yellow Labrador Retriever


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Greenville, SC


Meet Loki! Ever since he became a part of my life in February of this year, his bright and loving personality has truly lit up my days. Although Loki has faced some health challenges, his spirit remains unwavering and his determination to enjoy life is unmatched.

Loki's weight loss has been a concern, and it's evident that he's battling something beyond his control. Despite my wishes to provide him with the best care, limited resources have made it difficult to uncover the root of his health issues. But Loki's resilience and unbreakable spirit have made him an inspiration to all who meet him.

House-trained to perfection, Loki displays his impeccable manners by patiently waiting by the door when nature calls. While he may not always heed the crate command, his willingness to follow gentle guidance into it shows his eagerness to please. In the realm of canine interactions, Loki shines as a harmonious presence around larger dogs. However, the feline world is not his cup of tea, as cats are met with an emphatic "no" from this discerning pup.

Loki's intelligence is matched only by his heart of gold. A master of basic commands like "sit" and "stay," he is a prime candidate for further training adventures. His boundless energy and love for the outdoors make him an ideal partner for any active lifestyle. Whether engaged in spirited rounds of tug-of-war with his trusty rope or chasing after tennis balls, Loki's enthusiasm is infectious. Fetch might still be a work in progress, but with his dedication, he's sure to master it in no time.

Beyond his zest for play, Loki is a true cuddle connoisseur. His affectionate nature shines through as he snuggles up for heartwarming moments, yet he's equally content sprawling out for peaceful slumber. In every sense, Loki embodies the essence of a perfect canine companion.

Remarkably, Loki is a quiet observer of the world, having rarely uttered a bark since our time together began. A touch of whining in the initial week has given way to a silence that speaks volumes about his adaptable nature.

Loki's journey has been one of challenges and triumphs, showcasing his remarkable strength and resilience. As his devoted guardian, I long to see him thrive and flourish, but the path is hindered by financial constraints. Nonetheless, Loki's unwavering spirit continues to inspire me, and I am determined to find him the care he rightfully deserves. With his irresistible charm and endless love, Loki is more than a dog – he's an embodiment of hope and companionship.

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