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6 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Older Children (12+)
  • Needs To Be Only Pet
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Regular Veterinary Visits/Care


Schererville, IN


Mojo is a female black lab mix around 6 years old. She is spayed and all shots are up to date. Mojo had a cancerous lump removed this year but is now cancer free.
We got Mojo from a shelter a little over a year ago. Due to illness and financial troubles we have to move in with family and can’t take her with us:(
Sadly,, We are looking for a new home for our pup.We are sad about this but hopeful that there is another family that will take Mojo in and love her.
Mojo needs some specific things in her new home.
Mojo LOVES to run and explore and scavenge. She is happiest running and roaming a large space hunting treasures ( treasures in her mind anyway, we aren’t big fans if the junk she dearly loves?
Mojo is VERY loving to her family and really anyone we allow in the house. She has so far been good with older kids but we have not seen her around small kids and babies. However she IS a challenge out in the world, so again a home with a yard or more to explore would be the best!
By challenge I mean …
Mojo just doesn’t like other dogs. She considers other dogs her arch enemies.. and will lunge and bark at them ferociously. She has not bitten any other animal, but she does forcefully express her displeasure at their existence. So a nice yard to play and potty, and a life as the only dog child , would be preferable to walking the outside world or having dog siblings.
Other things Mojo dislikes are trucks car rides, the leash, people sitting in her spot on the couch, and being denied digging snacks out of the trash :)
Things mojo loves, SNACKS ..snacks… and more snacks. Love ..As much as she dislikes must people…there is not enough petting from her own people for this dog :) At home she is a true coach potato, and loves to sit on the couch in between her people:)
So in a nutshell , Mojo needs loving dog parents and space to be free .
If you feel called to this doggie send you a note.
Thank you!

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