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Mixed Breed (Large)


3 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Beech Island, SC


Pokey is the happiest girl. The owners don't know what kind of dog she is or her exact weight, but are guessing on the larger side of medium or the smaller side of large. She absolutely loves people. She gets a little too excited to see them and will jump, but she usually calms down in a few minutes if not encouraged in that. She is an inside dog and wants to be wherever the people are. She is crate trained, but the owners have not put her in a crate since she was a puppy. She can stay inside for 8-10 hours if needed, but she really doesn't enjoy it. She will bark if left out of the fun but usually stops pretty quickly when told to be quiet. She is not the biggest fan of being left behind, and she will jump on windows and doors to see out. She is not the best on a leash or a harness, but she will usually stay near you even when distracted if you tell her to come or stay. The owner's yard is not fully fenced in, and she will not leave the yard to chase people or animals if told no. She has snuck and jumped over the standard size metal fence to chase other animals. She is terrified of loud noises and car rides, and she tears up plush/soft toys, but she loves hard toys and will bring you her toys and play with you. She loves chasing lasers. She is hyper, but it's just because she is so happy and playful. She also calms down and loves to snuggle with you. She will sleep in your bed if you let her, and will try to sneak in it with you if you aren't watching. She will tear up a softer style bed, but loves to sleep on a blanket or a rug. She loves milk bones and rawhides, and she knows basic commands as well as a few hand signals. She loves chasing squirrels, but absolutely hates chicken noises. She gets really upset when she hears a musical/dancing Christmas toy or Christmas jingle bells, so the owner doesn't have them around her. She has loved every person she's ever met, and she has played with the owner's younger nieces and nephews and let them hug her and enjoyed that. She did snarl at one of the owner's nephews one time after he had been teasing her with her bone for a while, and she knew she had done wrong and seemed to regret it when she was told no. The owner would not leave her around kids unsupervised just because of that one instance, but truly does not think she would intend to hurt anyone. She does not necessarily pay attention to personal space and will accidentally trip you up sometimes if you don't watch her. Her stomach does get upset if she eats people food or switches dog food all of a sudden. Pokey plays well with another dog in the family, but she snarls at the neighbor's dog through the fence. Sometimes she gets along well with other dogs, sometimes not. She does not like cats. Pokey is not the biggest fan of baths, but she doesn't really fight you on them, just stands there and looks sad. Her birthday is Easter Sunday. She does shed, so if you are not ok with that, she may not be the best pick for you. Pokey is really a wonderful dog, and the owners are very sad to let her go, but it is increasingly hard for them to give her the time and attention she deserves with a new baby, and they want the best for her. They do have leashes, a collar, and a harness as well as extra flea medicine, food, bones, rawhides, and toys.

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