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0-1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Gary, IN


Hey guys, This is Dream!
This is a hard decision to give him up but it’s only right that he gets the appropriate care needed so that he can show his true potential as a great home companion. I believe that he was taken from his litter way too early and when I got him at approximately 2 months old, his previously owner was feeding him lettuce, so I offered to take him in since I had a cat of my own already and had litter and extra food to give him. He is full of so much energy and loves to play, never backs down on a string chase doing his own little flips and Maneuvers off the wall. Watch out for your little tree ornament or balls, his greatest obsession. I’ve never seen a cat guard a ball from his own reflection in the mirror, and when it’s play time, he smacks the ball around the floor, using his arms like hockey sticks, full of so much personality. Don’t let him fool you into thinking his bowl haven’t been filled, this boy has a nice appetite on him and will lick his bowl clean every time( and my others cats bowl too)

But, there’s only one problem. I am not in a good position to get him neutered and I know the risks that comes with that. He doesn’t do well with my older female cat, he doesn’t attack her Viciously but as long as she’s out in the open with her, he doesn’t stop running up on her when she doesn’t really want to give him the time of day. I’ve been having to rotate them out the room so that they both can be in the main living area with us. They both do not take to that well and the jealousy is loud when it’s time for the switch. I’ve had him for 8 months with no progress of these urges, and I know it stems from him not being fixed yet. He also hasn’t been around any other cats besides her but I think he needs to be around other cats that has his playful nature and that are more accepting. I know Dream isn’t a lost cause, once he goes to the vet, I believe that his behavior may change. He’s very affectionate to my boyfriend and I, will snuggle and take bathroom trips with you, and pretty much still have most of the amazing traits that home cats have. I’m hoping that somebody could take him in and fill his little heart with love as I guarantee that he will steal yours!

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