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American Shorthair


8 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Morristown, NJ


You'll never meet a more engaging cat than Cosimo! I acquired Cosmas (as he was known at the time!) and his brother, Damian, when they were about 5 weeks old. A work colleague knew that I was looking for a kitten(s) to help control rodents near my garden. She had a friend who discovered a seemingly abandoned litter. She had two kittens left and I readily adopted them. It was so much fun watching them grow! I have about a one-acre organic garden and fortunately there was a series of garages nearby where I could house the. We installed a cat door and pretty quickly they were coming to work with me. They loved playing in the garden and would chase one another up and down the rows. I don't live next to the garden, but fortunately the couple that did, befriended the cats and became co-caretakers with me. As a results, though they were 'outdoor' cats, they were totally socialized and friendly - almost to a fault. Unfortunately the couple retired and moved away 4 years ago. The house was empty for a while; and the new residents, while nice to the cat(s), don't spend much time with him. Cosmas' brother, Damian, disappeared about two years ago. So Cosmas has been alone since then. Without his brother, Cosmas, seemed sad at first. It was during that time I began calling him Cosimo (the Italian form of Cosmas) both because it's fun and gave him something of a new identity. He has rebounded emotionally and seems perfectly adjusted. He is completely healthy - he just had his check up in February and has all his shots. He weighs about 14 pounds.
The garage where he has 'lived' is now being repurposed and I think it would be very hard to retrain him (even though he is as smart as a whip!) I also think it would be better for him to be around people more often. He only sees me when I feed him in the morning and if I go to the garden, which doesn't happen much from November to March. Although he has been an semi-outdoor cat, I think he would love to become an indoor-outdoor cat. This winter in particular, I have noticed that he is spending more time in the garage. I think (like his owner!) he is less interested in spending time outside in the cold as he gets older. He is a sweet and funny cat.

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