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French Bulldog


6 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Missoula, MT


Josie was adopted a few years ago, and is the half-sister to my other Frenchie, Gibbs. She's a past mother to a few litters and has since been fixed by the time I got her. She's an amazing and loyal dog, who's brought joy to me and my furry family for over 2 years. Josie's spunky and small at 28lbs, but certainly knows how to push her brother around. She loves hard, but can be pretty shy at first; however, she's easily won over by chin scratches and treats. She loves her daily walks and takes her time sniffing each smell she comes across. She's protected myself and her brother from a dog attack on our walk one time and has great recall. Her only trick is sit, but she sure is cute when she does so. She's a little couch potato and loves toys that her brother is already chewing on, so she can steal them. She's silly and gentle with kids and I've caught her a few times chasing down a stroller or two to look at the baby inside. She also loves sunning in the living room or outside on a warm day.

Overall, Josie has been a great part of my life and it pains me to be here and doing this. I have/had small pets in my home for a long time; however, her prey drive is high compared to her brother. This has led to a couple of incidents where I've lost those small pets to nothing more than her instincts. I have one small pet left and had to make the painful decision to rehome Josie in order to protect what is left. This prey drive also includes cats. So she'll need to be in a home where there are no small pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc) or cats.

She also has separation anxiety, which probably contributed to her higher prey drive. She's torn up trash, books, clothes, etc. while I've been at work and she's chewed up baby gates. Again, not her fault- just her being frustrated to be away from me.

Overall, I believe Josie belongs in a home where someone works from home/is home most of the day. She should be in a small pet/cat-free home and possibly at a home with older children. Plus, she needs a home that understands she was a rescue and still has hurdles to jump when it comes to being a dog. As far as being with other dogs, I'd prefer her to go into a home with another medium dog as she's always been excited by those dogs most (ie. another Frenchie would be awesome or similar to).

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