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0-1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Lansing, IL


Petey is a year old. He is well socialized and has lived with a medium sized dog and 2 cats. He does well with dogs that are his size, and is a little feisty with large dogs. He has gone to work with me at a doggy daycare, so he is used to being around dogs that are his size, and tolerates cats. He has been around small children but has not lived with them.
He is not fully potty trained and I can't seem to get him to pick up on going potty while outside instead of playing, so he'll come inside and go. He has some cues to let me know when he "needs to go out" but he usually tells me after he's already gone potty in the house.
I've tried to train him, but I do not have the time he needs for someone to properly take care of him. He would do best in a home with another dog that he can bond with. He needs a fenced in yard, he likes to wander off if he is not carefully supervised. He does not walk on a leash every well, I have been trying to get him more used to a harness to see if that helps. So far he doesn't not have much interest in being on a leash, so I have not been able to take him for walks while leashed. He is kenneled trained, but might bark if he is kenneled alone since he's used to being with another dog. Although he is food motivated, I can't seem to get him to learn any tricks. He does respond to his name. He loves playing outside and chewing on sticks! He thrives in the summertime and is not a very big fan of the snow.

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