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American Shorthair


4 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Leesville, SC


Zero is believed to have been born the first week in May, given a May 5th birthday. Zero was born to a domesticated Calico mom who was a stray when I met her on May 7th, 2020. at my home.
Zero received excellent nutrition thru his mom who was fed the very best food and given a milk supplement, treated for parasites, and vaccinated, his mom, Alice was taken in for checkups and she was allowed to return to her kittens to provide care for them.
Alice brought Zero and two other litter mates to me after I rescued two of them at 5 weeks of age.
Zero and his litter mates were raised in a catio environment along with their mom for the first four months of his life where he learned about grooming and getting along and how to cat from his mom.
Zero was treated for parasites, CBC values are good and he is combo negative, he was vaccinated (including leukemia) over the course of three visits along with needed boosters and he is chipped.
Zero is a silver tiger tabby boy with the most amazing coat, he is healthy and most likely the most handsome and healthiest silver tiger tabby available in the midlands, Zero is timid and is a bit skittish, he is often by himself. He gets along with his litter mates, is a bit of a loner, and may do well by himself..
No expense was spared in providing a good start in life for this tiger boy, all the hard work ( and expense) of vaccines, nurturing, recovery, etc is done
Open adoption preferred, no declawing, indoor only. Zero is young enough to fit into most family dynamics given time, Zero would benefit from a quiet home.
Zero was "adopted" on February 25, and the family had little to no experience with cats, I was very honest about Zero and his needing time, the wife and child seemed fine, but the husband called him a "scardey cat". Zero returned home, on March 21st, He wasn't even given a month when on average it takes up to 3 months to learn about their new home and family.
Zero will need time to decompress and recover from the family that gave up on him.
Litter box and crate trained.
If you are not willing to provide a contact phone number, home address, email and vet reference, Zero is not available to you for adoption.
This is part of the adoption process and to ensure Zero goes to a responsible caretaker giver.

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