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Siberian Husky


4 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Puyallup, WA


Name: Sasuke
Date of birth: 06/12/2020
Color: Light brown with white marks, blue eyes
Weigh: 78lbs
Hobby: plays with balls in all form: tossing back and forth inside, soccer, fetch. Sasuke loves going for rides in the car, he loves sitting in the front seat with window down.
-Loves going to Mudbay and Pet stores
-Sasuke loves going for walk everyday as well.
-He loves a good belly rub.

Favorite color: blue

-Sasuke is incredibly smart, but also very stubborn. One cannot force him into doing the things he would not want to.
-He can learn very quickly
-He loves sleeping near his favorite humans
-Unlike his sister, Sasuke is very humble, but he can get overly obsessive with toys, balls.
-Sasuke is very sentimental and loving, very protective of his sister.
-Sasuke is terrified of fireworks. He tends to hide in the closet during fireworks. Will have a fan and administer Trazodone, blanket and toys surround him.

Medical: there is no medical condition that requires special treatment. Sasuke is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Sasuke has been medically examined annually at Metropolitan hospital in Tacoma with Doctor Gordon since he was 8 weeks old.
- Sasuke is prescribed 1 tablet of Simparica TRIO every month (44.1-88lb range) to prevent heartworm and controls fleas. Prescription purchased at Costco. Pills need to be covered in ice cream or peanut butter.

Diet: Sasuke is currently on kibbles diet - beef/chicken/turkey with ancient grain. I try to switch up the toppings with canned vegetables, shredded cheese, boiled shredded chicken, cooked steak, cooked grounded lean turkey etc.). Sasuke's treats are from Costco.

Cleaning routine: Sasuke is taken to groomer every 2 months: teeth and ear cleaning, de-shed and nail trim.
- I personally brush Sasuke's teeth 3 times a week followed by Greenies dental chew
- He needs to be brush 2-3 times a week in the summer during shedding season

Training: Sasuke knows basic commands like sit, shake, down, no, leave it. He's also potty trained and capable of telling you when he needs to take care of his business. He's trained to pull stuff up when we go hiking.

****If possible, please consider adopting both Sasuke and his twin sister Sakura. They have been together since being born. Afraid his sister might have separation anxiety.

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