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Domestic Longhair


4 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Austin, TX


Meet Nugget! An energetic 4.5 year old cat with a large personality! Nugget is needing a new home, as he has been missing living with other people and animals. This super fluffy boy is incredibly smart, extremely loyal, and will provide with many laughs from his antics.

Nugget’s ideal home is one with another energetic cat or small dog he can rough house with. He loves medium and large dogs as well, but they don’t always understand he’s wanting to play. He plays hard, so docile or shy animals are not ideal. No young children because he does use teeth and claws for attention (never to shed blood though). Older kids who can respect boundaries and adults are fine.

About Nugget:
- 4 years old, 5 yrs in May
- Indoor only cat
- Neutered, up to date on shots (due March), and healthy
- Extremely smart! Uses a litterbox like a pro, trick trained, and wears clothes/harnesses. Has bested all the treat puzzles I've gotten (but still loves them)
- Easy to get to the vet! A delight at the vet
- Very chatty, he loves to meow for play times, food, and treats
- Very playful! He's goofy when he plays and provides endless entertainment. He can fetch too! He loves playing with other animals. He will give loving nips when he wants attention (pets or play). Prefers you playing with him (wands, throwing toys, etc.) or other pets
- Long hair, sheds, but reduced with daily brushing (loves a bristle brush). Tolerates nail trimmings. Sometimes needs a sanitary cut
- Not a cuddler, he prefers to be near you and other critters, but not on you. He prefers pets on his head and along his spine
- Can be a bit handsy with his claws and teeth, but if you don't egg him, he won't attack
- Food lover and not picky! He does best on a daily feeding schedule (like his automatic feeder). He cannot freely feed him or other animals or he will eat all of it. This also makes it easy to train him
- Will use cat scratchers if placed around furniture, but he has been known to scratch my couch only (and no longer does since I've placed scratchers on either side)

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