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3 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Rabbits



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Regular Veterinary Visits/Care


Brampton, ON


Shasta is the most adorable bunny both inside and out. She has the cutest big eyes, the softest fur, little white patches on her nose and front paws that look like gloves, and the sweetest personality. We adopted her from Brampton Animal Shelter after she was found abandoned at Chinguacousy Park on a hot summer day. We have no idea how long she was out there but we were so happy to provide a home for her, and hoped that our other free-roam rescue bunny Bageera would bond with her.

Unfortunately Bageera is much older and was not interested in being friends and was violent towards Shasta no matter how much we tried to bond them. As a result Shasta only got a few hours a day outside of her cage. During these hours she is so excited and enthusiastic. She runs all over our living room, binkies, explores, chins our legs and is genuinely happy.

Shasta was always open and accepting during the bonding process so I am sure she would make a great partner or friend to another furry friend. We want nothing more than for Shasta to finally find her forever home and live the peaceful, love-filled life she deserves. In our home she lives in fear of our other bunny and although it breaks my heart to say goodbye, she is too sweet and curious to be confined to her cage for most of the day.

Things to know about adopting Shasta:

- She loves to run and jump. She will need a large accessible area (minimum 2m x 2m space) to expend her energy.

- She loves being pet and cared for.

- She seems to have a slight issue with motor control when eating however this doesn't hinder her too much. You may just notice her moving her head from side to side while she’s eating. Her vet is not concerned with this quirk of hers. I will provide all medical history and the name of our vet.

- She is litter-trained but may need to be re-trained when in a new environment.

- She prefers running in soft/carpeted areas

- She loves to eat her timothy hay and seems to prefer it over all other snacks which makes her a very easy bunny to care for diet-wise.

Final notes:

We care very much about Shasta’s well-being and would be more than happy to provide information and assistance with her care whenever you need it. I will provide one of the x-pens we use for her home, her favourite hay, her litter bin (maybe this will make it easier to litter train her again), and her medical information.

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