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0-1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Children
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Pelzer, SC


Meet Sinmon, a charming feline companion with a heartwarming story. This handsome boy was discovered in the middle of a busy highway as a tiny kitten by a compassionate teacher at the school where his current owner works. Sinmon has come a long way since then and has blossomed into the most beautiful and affectionate cat.

Background Story:
Sinmon's journey began when he was rescued from a potentially dangerous situation. His rescuer, now affectionately known as the cat lady, has nurtured him into a wonderful companion. Despite his challenging start in life, Sinmon has grown into a sweet and loving cat, forming strong bonds with both adults and children.

Sinmon is not only great with the owner's kids (aged 6 and 8) but also gets along seamlessly with other cats and small dogs. He is particularly comfortable around cat-friendly dogs, making him an ideal addition to a household with furry friends. Sinmon is an indoor-only cat, ensuring his safety and well-being.

Habits and Traits:

Sinmon is litter trained, making him a tidy and low-maintenance pet.
He is neutered, contributing to a calm and content demeanor.
Sinmon is up-to-date on vaccines, ensuring he's in the best health possible.
Ideal Home:
Sinmon is ready to find his forever home, and he would thrive in an environment where he can continue to receive the love and care he deserves. A household with children, cats, and cat-friendly dogs would be an excellent fit for this affectionate feline.

If you're looking for a beautiful, sweet, and loving cat to join your family, consider welcoming Sinmon into your home. His endearing personality and heartwarming journey make him a truly special companion.

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