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Maine Coon


2 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None




Hi! My name is Maxwell. I'm an approximately 2 year old black and white Maine Coon.

I was rescued as a stray from Tempe Beach Park with my best friend Rigby. We were living underneath the old bleachers by the baseball field and relying on scraps and kibble left out by good samaritans in the park. Folks around the neighborhood had noticed us for about 3-5 months. Lots of people noticed us because of how much of a ham my best friend is, and I was always not far behind, waiting for my turn with the kibble.

We were taken in from the park and have been living happily indoors with a foster for a little more than a month. We are both litter box trained and currently eating a diet of the Royal Canin Adult Indoor Formula. I have interacted with small dogs and other non-brother cats through a screen. Maybe a better way to phrase that is "I have ignored small dogs and other cats through a screen door," since I am pretty unbothered by their presence. I think I would do fine being adopted into a family with small dogs and other cats!

My bestie Rigby is the outgoing part of our dynamic duo, but I am comfortable hanging out near people and receiving pets. I'm much more shy than Rigby, but with some patience and kindness, I know that I will form just as strong and loving of a bond with my adoptive family.

Something I recently learned I especially do not prefer is car rides! I have been in a terrible mood for the past 24 hours and have hissed at my foster parent (for the first time!). I have not done any swatting or biting, because I am first and foremost a gentleman and a scholar, but it would be tough for my bestie and I to live in an animal shelter because I'm sensitive to overstimulating environments.

I'm deeply bonded with my best friend Rigby and I'm looking to be adopted into a home with him. I am just a shy boy looking for someone patient, loving, and kind to allow me into your home and your family. We can't wait to meet you and to join your family!

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