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Mixed Breed (Medium)


3 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Chickens



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Seattle, WA


Kip is a sweet, playful 3yo border collie shepherd mix.

Kip's strengths: His favorite things are playing frisbee, tug, scent work and training in the house and private yard. He is empathic and gentle, and he loves snuggling (though he will try to entice you to wrestle!). He is very intelligent, well behaved in the house, and communicates very well.

Kip's weaknesses: He is very, very uncomfortable leaving his comfort zones; venturing further than a block from the house leaves him shaking uncontrollably and reacting fearfully to strangers. If he is unsure or fearful in a situation he will sometimes display submissive urination, though this is now rare.

Kip's History: We adopted him from a shelter at 8 weeks old in 2020. His litter was removed from his mother very young before we found him for adoption, and as a result he has deep physical anxiety. There have been no traumas in his life after his first 8 weeks, so despite his anxiety, fear and reactivity, he has never been aggressive. We completed several training and socialization courses with him through Seattle Ahimsa, Zoom Rooms, Puppyworks and private trainers. We have worked diligently in our attempts to give him tools to be comfortable in different environments, but our efforts have not helped him overcome his innate anxiety.

Reason for Rehoming: Throughout adoption and upbringing, we were hoping Kip would enjoy our active lifestyle with us, but we have come to understand that he would simply be happier in a very quiet home where things are very routine. We are a young family that travels the wilds and cities often. We tried bringing Kip along, thinking he would enjoy it as much as we do, but he is miserable on any trip. Now, whenever we venture out, we leave him with a quiet sitter he loves. We are soon moving to live near family in Norway. An international move would be incredibly stressful for him, and what we want most is for him to have a happy life. Though it is terribly difficult for us, we will be searching diligently to see if we can find a home and family that fits him better.

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