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Bullmastiff, Mixed Breed (Large)


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None
  • Behavior Concerns




I adopted Petra (formerly Francesca) from PACC back in Nov. 2023. They told me she came in with four other dogs and she was just sad. I was hoping her being in a home would improve her mood, but unfortunately, no. I'm not sure what her past was like, but she is afraid of everything. She has kind of opened up with me after four months, and then I adopted another dog to help her out of her shell. It worked a little! She greeted me when I got home, and would actually start to wag her tail, and got along great with the other dog.

Petra does not do well in dog parks. She is scared of most people and other animals, though. She just runs away and hides, she's never showed any aggression. Unfortunately, I don't believe I am trained enough to help her with her depression or help her be a happy dog. And that's all I wanted for her. She sleeps a lot of the time. Even when the other dog is outside playing, Petra would rather be in her bed. She doesn't play with toys and is not treat motivated. She doesn't like loud noises. She's great on walks because she doesn't go after anything. And she will avoid people and other dogs.

I wanted to make this dog a part of my home, but I hate seeing her so sad and maybe she needs to find her perfect person that will be home all day and just wants to take occasional walks and live a quiet easy life. I don't think this dog deserves to go back to the shelter, or put to sleep. She has come a long way. Because I don't know her past, how she is at first impression makes me sad to think what might have happened to her. But she's a good dog, and rarely does any bad behavior. She learned to use a doggie door. Again, she does not play with toys, but she loves treat and bones! She doesn't like other dogs, but she doesn't hate them. Just avoids them. You can't yell or make loud noises around her, she gets scared and hides. So she needs someone other than me to make her happy.

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