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1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

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Port Orchard, WA


This handsome hunk of love is Warner. When he was just a pup, Warner was part of a confiscation case – the backyard breeder was allowing the dogs to get into fights and the neighbors complained. When animal control came in, they found several adult dogs, some puppies, at least one deceased dog, and young Warner, who was six months old and badly injured. He received vet care at the shelter, recovered and was adopted, but he still needs help working through the trauma of his puppyhood.

Warner was adopted by a Rottweiler experienced home and raised with a female Rottweiler already in the home. He did really well at first but as he’s matured (he’s 18 months old now), he’s developed some “stranger danger” issues and also has some reactivity with other dogs. Due to conflicts in the home with the female Rottweiler, his people have made the difficult decision to rehome him.

A single family home with no pets is preferred. On his property he’s very protective. He would be best at a home with no triggers such as cats, livestock, chickens, etc. He does have some resource guarding issues with food, a holdover from his puppyhood, and can show some resource guarding with toys and high value treats. Although, this is infrequent.

Warner is crate trained and knows basic obedience (has been to obedience classes.
He’s a total cuddle bug with his family and loves to hang out with them. He isn’t a high energy dog, and loves nose work searches, going for sniff walks and hikes. He also enjoys playing fetch.

Warner would do best in a quiet home with an experienced owner – he would be best as the only pet in the home. He is a lovely dog with people he knows, and just needs time to learn to trust that he is safe with others too. Force free training, continued nose work, and someone who understands it will take some time, but there’s a beautiful dog here and he’s totally worth it.

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