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Jack Russell Terrier


6 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Lancaster, PA


Our little Molly, formerly known as “Patty or Polly” was apparently “rescued” by a farmer who also breeds Jack Russells. The farmer advised that he got Molly from “a really bad situation” and “a broken home” but did not elaborate on that. Molly was in what seemed like a puppy mill her entire life. This farmer was selling her for 50 dollars and we were afraid at that little cost, where she might end up and felt for her so we took her with the intent to foster or adopt, but knew either way she would be our (my husband and myself) responsibility. Apparently, she is up to date on shots but the farmer did these things himself so he could only provide proof of her last rabies shot. Now about Molly… she’s VERY loving and affectionate and is a cuddler. She almost seems starved for love and attention but is well socialized as she does not become overly excited about seeing new people and such. Molly is not potty trained but we have a doggie door from the basement to a large fenced-in back yard and she is getting that down pretty well, granted she is downstairs. When she is upstairs… we are still working on that. lol. Molly is not spayed. We have taught Molly to “come” and to play fetch. She didn’t even know what toys, treats, and chews were when we first got her but she does now! 😊. Molly is a very sweet and soulful little dog and I truly pray that she finds a wonderful forever home. Now the issue: we have 2 male Jack Russell’s 1 is 5, 1 is 2.5. We have 2 female mini Doxies 1 is 9 and 1 is 11. We thought the Jacks all being together would present issues. But much to our shock… other than the 5 y.o. Jack tried to mount her while she was in heat and even now (at every turn) they all 3 got along very well. The youngest Jack even pals around with Molly. The issue is our older girls, the Doxies. They are both very docile in nature normally but since we brought Molly here… there have been fights. Many fights. Brutal fights. Blood. Limping. Older Doxie even lost one of her fangs in a fight. The older Doxie HATES Molly. We think it might be an alpha female thing (if that’s truly a thing) but also some jealousy sprinkled about as well. But it’s always Molly and the Doxies scrapping it out. It is never over food or toys but just with stimulation. Like my husband had them all downstairs this morning together. Everyone was good. Came down the steps to bring coffee and all H broke loose because our 4 dogs are always excited to see us. They act up. Jump, bark, seek attention… normal chaos of the home. lol. But since Molly has come here… this starts WW3. Our little Jack even got involved this morning and I think he was trying to bite Molly as he lunged at her when I pulled her off of the older Doxie. I have gotten bitten (by one of my other ones (not Molly) when separating them and stopping the fights. My husband did get bit by Molly the first night she was here but she was trying to bite the older Jack who was constantly trying to mount her and my husband put his hand where it should not have been. I honestly do not feel that Molly starts all of the fights or even any of them for that matter. Everything is good and then it is not. But our other babies never fought like this before Molly and her presence here is causing too much stress and anxiety for our other babies as well as for myself as I don’t want to see anyone getting hurt. We got her on March 22nd of this year and other than the fighting, she’s perfect. I just feel there is too much other stimulus in our home that it is now causing the Doxies to become tense. Molly has her own room that was meant for safety and security but she is now being made to spend more time in there than I think is healthy for her psyche (and ours also as the goal was to help and care for her, not imprison her) and none of this is fair to our dogs or her. I think she can get along with one other dog but definitely not multiple. She needs more training but she is very loving and lovable. This truly breaks our hearts to find her another home but it’s not about our hearts. It’s about Molly being allowed to live out her retirement years (said by the farmer) healthily, happily, and safely while being loved unconditionally. Please help little Molly. Alone here… she would have been a perfect addition to our family, but unfortunately, the stimulation of the other little four-legged loves proved to be too much for us all. Molly is a wonderful little spirit and would make an amazing fur baby for someone with one or no other dogs, that we are sure of 🩷 The farmer we got her from says he thinks she’s 5-6 years old but he wasn’t sure exactly. She was very, VERY skinny when we got her so we have been feeding her 2 meals per day, morning she gets Caesar wet dog food on top of IAMS mini chunks. Mini chunks are also in another bowl that she can eat all day. For supper, I make the dogs a chicken breast, veggie, and brown rice casserole that she gets a good-sized bowl of every night as well. The farmer kept her on dewormer and we treated her once so far with flea and tick treatment. We haven’t had her to the vet yet as we were allowing her to become acclimated and comfortable before taking her to get checked out for spaying but unfortunately, we haven’t made it there. We gave her a bath after a few weeks (for the same reason for waiting) as she smelled like a farm lol but she did pretty well. She tried to climb out of the tub a few times but leaned on my arm and finally submitted lol. We are already in love with her and you will be too….from the second see her and she looks into your eyes. 💕

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