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Neji 🖤

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Siberian Husky


3 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Moses lake, WA


So here is the story about this beautiful boy. His name is Neji. I have owned his parents for about 6/7 years now. She only got pregnant once and had 9 babies! All thankfully survived and all went to homes! People from other states were coming to come get a puppy! Some even took 2! All good families, each time they brought their whole family🖤. My girlfriend came into my life with a beautiful pitty boy who was older than mine. From puppy love we kept 2 puppies. Everything was well until in about 2+ years in his dad and our pitty started fights with him. We have 5 dogs and now separate them because of the bullying. It’s been a really tough decision but for a healthier future for us all if we find him a home where he can be loved. It’s extremely unfair he has to be separated all the time. He plays extremely well with his mom and brother till this day. Also plays well with the neighbors dog 🖤 who his an intact pitbull. All of our dogs are inside animals. Its became an extremely difficult and stressful environment. I feel like I’ve had him in jail for the past 8 months. He deserves so much more. I take him on walks he likes playing. But at home he has his guard up around his dad and his older potty brother. I don’t want to ever let him go. But I don’t believe he is truly happy at home. This situation became very difficult on us as well. We are very traumatized from big fights between them. My baby boy should feel at home when he his laying down on the floor. If someone please give him the unconditional love that he needs I will be forever thankful for you. I’m heartbroken but I know this is the right path for all of us. Thank you🖤

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