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American Blue Heeler


0-1 Year




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Birds
  • Cats
  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Santa Fe, NM


Winston is a six-month old puppy who loves parks and rides in the car. We adopted him from the Santa Fe Animal shelter about 3 months ago. He’s come a long, long, LONG way since then, but he is still a bit skittish and sometimes he has trouble in unfamiliar public spaces.

He has been great with our other dog. He loves walks and eagerly meets new dogs when he’s at a place like the Rose Park. Unfortunately, he will get overwhelmed and shut down if you’re on a hiking trail and run into a pack of dogs or a group of people that might scare him. That could change with patience and training. Our approach with him has been to get him out for new experiences as often as possible, to “stretch” what he’s comfortable with, but not to overwhelm him.

He really likes rides in the car, but he has issues with going through doors or tight spaces… something clearly happened to him at some point. He will go through the door eventually. He just needs patience. He can be left alone and doesn’t mind thunderstorms. He tolerates a roomba and the cleaning lady and her vacuum. He doesn’t have any full-on phobias… he just needs to keep building his confidence.

He has not ever bitten or been threatening at all. He is 95% potty trained, but he needs to be accompanied outside before bed to pee if he’s going to make it through the night.

He’s been to puppy classes and can sit and lay down. He really likes other dogs when he can meet them in a controlled, not overwhelming way. He definitely needs a yard, though he doesn’t need a huge one. He’s always been a bit more comfortable outside.

We want him to go to a house with another dog. He is much calmer and more confident with another dog around. This has been key to socializing him and getting him over his fear - he can handle far more new things if he’s with another dog he knows.

I am pretty sure he could live with a cat. Especially a cat that would be assertive enough to check him if he got too rough with it.

He also appears to be very fond of grey-haired women. He is much more trusting of women than men generally. He will usually run away from my husband, unless my husband sits down and is calm and is patient and has treats. They’ve come a long way, too. Every week Winston has little break-throughs. It’s been pretty amazing to watch him learn to handle the world. He’s still got a bit to go, but he’s worth the effort. He could be a wonderful companion to the right person.

He watches tv and sleeps on the corner of our bed. He snoozes on the couch next to me when I’m working. He is an excellent cuddler when he’s sleepy or relaxed, but he can also be quite rowdy and playful.

He’s been to a vet and has all his shots and is in excellent health. He is currently 33 pounds.

We will take him back if he doesn’t work out.

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