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1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication


Fontana, CA


Microchipped: Yes
Potty-Trained: Yes
Crate-trained: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with dogs: Not yet

Reason for re-homing:
We adopted Rocky as a 3-month-old pup in hopes of having a companion for our other dog. Sadly, our older dog never warmed up to Rocky and has progressively gotten extremely aggressive towards Rocky. Despite trying to work with a specialized trainer, we have been unable to give Rocky a safe home environment. We are heartbroken to have to re-home him; we love him. But for his safety as well as the safety of everyone in our home, we have to find him a new place and family.

Things we love about Rocky:
He has the cutest boxer head tilt when we talk to him and the fastest wagging nub when he’s happy and excited. We don’t let our pets on furniture so when he wants to cuddle, he’ll jump onto our lap to lay the top half of his body on us. If we sit on the floor with him, he’ll often place himself right into our laps. He can sometimes be a loud sleeper with his snores but he sleeps all through the night on his bed. He has been doing well with training. He knows “sit”, “leave it” (when his food is placed down), and “okay” as the release word to eat. We are working on “stay,” “drop it,” and walking on leash. He has been enjoying weekly pack walks within our community and loves chasing a red pointer laser for play to burn some energy. He is treat motivated and he is great with our 3 kids.

Medical History:
Rocky is believed to have had meningitis. He has recovered well and the level of medical care is minimal. He’s currently given meds 2 times a day with food. *This is not why he needs a new home. His daily routine is very normal.* We have good pet insurance for him and it looks like our policy allows the plan to be transferred to a different owner.

Ideal new home:
Ideally, it would be great if Rocky could be the only pet in his new home. He has lived for a year in an environment where he has been repeatedly attacked by our other dog. Our hope would be for him to have some stability, peace, and safety without fear or anxiousness around another animal. We have seen him cower around big dogs and growl at dogs that are smaller or the same size as him. However, he has been improving as he joins the weekly pack walks. He has been an indoor dog with an owner that works from home so he has not been left alone for long periods of time. He enjoys being with his humans even if it's just laying near them and when he's alert and energized, he'll grab a toy to let you know he'd like to play. He's such a good boy and any new family would be blessed to have him as a pet.

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