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Siberian Husky


0-1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Urbana, IL


His name is Haku will do better with a women as he's timid of men if you (man) are willing to take the time to work with him on trust then he will turn out to be your bestest are the cons and the pros of haku!!
(The pro's) - he is such a goofy goober! Super energetic loves to play gets along with cats BUT does play alittle to much for their liking at times im unfamiliar with how he'll do with other animals as I only have a cat. He loves to watch movies and TV if it peeks his interest haha.. he also like to be the star of the show getting all the attention and affection he can get
(The cons) - has separation anxiety mainly when having to be left alone in his crate while I'm at work he'll usually howl for the first hr and will calm down right after. If left unattended out of crate for short period of time will use the bathroom inside even if just previously taken outside I got him from a previous home where he didn't have much home training..he was doing well with me for the first two months and reverted back to old habits with using the potty inside and or in his crate..
He doesn't mind men but is cautious around them will take him some time to adjust to any male figures especially if they are loud and rowdy he won't bite or attack but he will keep a good distance between himself and them! I honestly can't think of any other cons this good boy has he really is just the best dog besides the potting and not liking men if you have an active life style he is the right boy for you as he loves our long walks and swims! if he seems like a fit for your lifestyle and want ti adopt please don't hesitate to message me!! I just want my big boy to go to a bigger and better home one that'll benefit him and his well being so much more I just want the best fulfilling life for him! I'm willing to do meet up close to where I live as I do not have transportation at the moment I don't mind if we have to do 5 meet ups a week to have my boy well acquainted with you before taking him to your home as most dogs tend to not adjust well going to a home with a stranger! I also would love to keep in touch with updated photos and videos of him and how he's adjusting!

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