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Mixed Breed (Large)


5 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Scarborough, ON


This sweet baby had a bit of a hard life. Incredibly energetic and smart, Bandit was raised with a loving owner in an unloving home. He came to us as an emergency unofficial foster, and ownership has been transferred so that I can find him the right forever home.

Bandit is very stimulation motivated. The boy loves to eat, but he loves nothing more than going out into the world and smelling all the things he didn't get to smell. He's been going on three walks a day, playing in the backyard, and spending every minute he can with his new people.

He is fully house trained, no accidents even when he wasn't feeling well. He knows how to sit, he's practising how to stay, and he's incredibly smart.

He's looking for a family that does not have small children, and has experience with Dogs. He's learning, but he needs some additional training. When we're out in the world it's really hard for him to listen, it's just too exciting to be out and about.

He is very loving, enjoys a good cuddle, how to wait for his paws to be cleaned after walking in dirt, and is not aggressive during day to day activities. He shakes paw (ask for daps!) and is halfway to knowing "lay down". He let us cut his nails even if he didn't enjoy it.

In social situations he's friendly towards other dogs although often a little bit too energetic for anybody smaller than him. I haven't had him long enough to know how he is male versus female, or how he is with cats, just that he loves meeting other dogs on the street and sniffing them And saying hi.

His biggest point of training is that he is aggressive about prized possessions. Particularly bones, and when he first arrived toys, we are working on it but you will likely need to as well.

He is not aggressive about his food/food bowl, now that he has many toys he doesn't seem to be aggressive about them anymore (I take them from him all the time to play) he has gotten shots at the vet and I give him daily eardrops to deal with some irritation and showed no signs of aggression even though he doesn't like them one bit.

He is intact for now, when he gets too excited he does put that towards humping. It's not something my partner and I have experienced as an issue but guests do.

He has some trauma around being stuck in the crate for most of his life, but we haven't found it problematic to have them out and about the house while we are sleeping or at work.

We're going for his vaccination boosters at the end of May so he'll be up-to-date! He's otherwise in good health and putting on necessary weight.

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