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Length of foster needed

Unknown at this time


Mixed Breed (Large)


8 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Chickens
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Rabbits
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Special Diet


Fairbanks, AK


Annie's a 8 yrs. old GSP, Greyhound, with a pinch of husky, sometimes called a Ak husky, she is spayed, so she may not get along with other female dogs, she had been living with her brother most of her life, and might get along with male dogs about her size, she may not do well with pointy eared dogs because they my resemble a fox, to her it's a intruder, and she doesn't like cats, when she was younger she had a pet rabbit and did well with it at that time, she's a little shy with strangers at first, but quickly warms up to people, though she is generally a safe dog I would leave her unattended around small children, she's not used to them, and might try taking food from them, or try to snap at a fly that land on them, (one of her hobbies, lol), she trims her own nails, Annie is single coated like a Greyhound, she doesn't have a smell dog smell about her, she is a inside dog, and likes having a blanket put on her when it's cold, and need a cool place in summer when it's hot hot out, she needs a place to run, she is used to a cable run, a fence yard would be ideal for her, a chain tie out, dosen't meet her needs, she is a little intelligent and has tons of personality, can be sassy and playful at times, and likes to hunt for voles an squirrels, been raised with chickens, tolerates them till they aggravate her, and things have happened from time to time, all in all she's a character, a cartoon character like "Mutts".

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