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2 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Children
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Fairbanks, AK


Brother to Pippin - Microchipped and registered.
Mo (knows his name too) is an adorable, and very loveable and super fluffy lap cat that melts into your arms and loves to be held, but mostly only when you’re standing. Sometimes he will pick a private space on the side of the bed at night, sometimes not. He loves his morning affections and cuddles just after your alarm clock has gone off. Loves to play with the laser and goes a bit crazy dashing all over the couch or sliding across smooth floors to get it. Mo adores getting on top of your laptop while you are using it. He gives you fair warning as he sits next to you for a moment first, looks at you with his lovey-dovey eyes that lets you surely know it’s time for cuddles.
Mo loves to play flight with Pippin most of the time, but Pippin can get to be bit too much for him. He tends to paw at the windows or glass. He is not much of a picky eater, he will eat more of the wet food then Pippin, but still loves the same dry food too.
Mo likes Blue Mountain burst dry treats, silvervine chew sticks, Wholehearted Squeeze-able Puree Cat treats (any flavor), chasing laser lights, fuzzy worm toys, Bunny kicking-toys, honeysuckle spray on any toy you want him to play with, loves running on cat wheel, loves playing with multi-ball tower toys. Likes to lay on papers, laptops, back of couches, and your legs when using recliner. Likes chattering and chirping at birds and bugs at the window, he even does it at one of our other cats. He knows the word “treats” and will go high fiving for them, he even runs the cat wheel for the treats.
Mo is a wonderful and nice, sweet cat that truly deserves a good home, loves kids, and seeks their attention. We have not had any problems with Mozart, other then the pawing on glass can get annoying. We are looking for a good new home for him because we are likely to move back to the lower 48 soon and don’t want the stress on with this move.

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