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2 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Children
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Fairbanks, AK


Brother to Mozart – Microchipped and registered.
Named for the Lord of the Rings character and he knows his name, always getting himself into trouble. He can be very lovable at times, will lay on your lap or on your chest. Loves to play with silvervine chew sticks and is too adorable the way he acrobatically plays with them. He can be a bit picky with his wet food(Applaws brand) but prefers to eat the dry “Blue Mountain Chicken indoor cat for weight and hairball control”. Pippin was raised with other cats but can take quite some time to adjust to new pets. He has a bit of a dominating personality and loves to play fight, sometimes a bit too much. Well potty trained to cat box with non-scented Fresh Step cat litter.
Likes: Blue Mountain burst dry treats, silvervine chew sticks, Wholehearted Squeeze-able Puree Cat treats (any flavor), chasing laser lights, fuzzy worm toys (careful he will eventually try to eat them), Bunny kicking-toys (with supervision), honeysuckle spray on any toy you want him to play with, loves running on cat wheel, loves playing with multi-ball tower toys. Likes to lay on papers (which he tries to eat including cardboard), laptops, back of couches, and your seat on the sofa as soon as you get up. Likes chattering and chirping at birds and bugs at the window, he even does it at one of our other cats. He knows the word “treats” and will gently take them from your fingers from sitting and high fiving for them, he even runs the cat wheel for them. He loves to play fetch just like a dog but doesn’t quite always bring it back to toss again. Generally, he likes to sleep at your feet through the night. Loves playing in cat tunnels and cat trees, loves to scratch the sisal rope posts.
He has a strong personality and can be highly adorable but need to find him a new good home. We adore him, but my wife who is already battling health issues and it’s not fair to him. This brings us to the final stage of why we are giving him up to another good home as we likely will be moving back to the lower 48 to attend to wife’s health treatments.

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