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American Bulldog


11 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Special Diet


Virginia Beach, VA


Georgia was adopted in October 2nd, 2023. She immediately needed surgery and had that on October 4th to remove some masses that were benign. When we adopted her, she had severe allergies. It took a LOT of trial and error with her food to get her to a place where she no longer has skin irritations, rashes, and paws she won’t stop chewing. Be aware though, that we make her food for her, and that ultimately is what healed her. Prior, we tried multiple kibbles, Fresh Pet, the Farmer’s Dog, and more. Cooking her food for her is the only thing we found to work, as even the allergy meds didn’t help. Georgia is very sweet. She loves attention from everyone. My toddler does everything to and with Georgia (under supervision) and Georgia lets her without a fuss. She has a calm, easy going temperament. She loves food and treats. She will take leisurely walks with us and enjoys rolling around in the grass and the mulch at the playground. She is an older dog, so she does tend to get stinky quickly and easily, no matter how often we bathe her or what products we use after walks. It has gotten better as her allergies have subsided, but is still there. Additionally, she is an older dog and has started needing to use the restroom more often and has taken to going on the floor in the apartment if I don’t take her out enough. I had major surgery on Feb 15th, experienced quite a few setbacks from it, and have struggled to care for Georgia, as we live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building with steep steps and no elevator. I am in a lot of pain by the 4th walk of the day, and getting down on the floor to clean up the in-between accidents has been too much. I will need additional surgery in the next 2-3 months, and am a heart patient who unfortunately just isn’t in the situation to continue like this. Georgia struggles to go up and down the stairs by the end of the day just as much as I do. She really needs a house or someone who lives on the first floor, where frequent potty breaks outside throughout the day won’t be an issue. Please note though that Georgia has had a rough life. She was a stray for a while, looks to have been bred, and also has a permanently broken tail from where someone tried to dock her inhumanely. Given this, she does not like her tail being messed with. She also has a couple broken and brown teeth, however, the vet said that the roots were still good and that there is a higher chance of breaking her jaw by trying to remove them, so it was best to leave them. The greatest thing to note is that Georgia does NOT get along with other dogs. If she gets close enough, she attacks them, even if they are lying down and in a submissive pose. She needs to be the only animal, as we are unsure how she is with cats, but given how she is with dogs, it’s not a risk we would advise anyone take. Georgia has her quirks, but overall, is very laid back and easy to live with. She is crate trained and goes in it when we leave and also overnight. She will come with everything she currently has to whomever adopts her: extra large crate, 2 beds, tons of toys, some treats, her meds and supplements, etc.

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