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Mixed Breed (Large)


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Post Falls, ID


Casey was adopted on 1/21/2022 from Kootenai Humane Society. We were told she was from Texas. Casey is listed as Retriever/Labrador mix, however she has Rottweiler in her blood. Casey is a gentle pooch who still has a little puppy in her when she plays with out other dog, Patches. Casey weighs about 90 lbs.
Casey did not learn good social skills because of the pandemic, thus she gets excited when we have visitors. She loves to greet people with her bad habit of jumping up on them. Casey sometimes gets excited and tried to put her paw on us when we do something out of the ordinary like sneezing, or talking with animated voices. If it isn't normal, she alerts us. when company comes, we put her in her kennel until she calms down. She also goes to her kennel when we have our meals. Patches goes to her kennel too.
Casey has door bells attached to our patio door she touches with her nose to let us know she wans out or in. Sometimes she rings it then walks away to get our attention. She has ring the bell for Patches on occasion.
Casey has a built in food clock as she knows when we should be feeding her treats or meals. Casey will come to us and sit in front of us staring and talking (doggy grunts). If that doesn't get our attention, she will rest her head on our leg or lap. The final act is to place her right paw on us and pulls.
Casey loves to take rides in our truck, taking walks, and exploring the trails around Post Falls. Her favorite past time at home is standing or sitting in her chair and looking out over the fence. She stands on her chair for us to groom her.
Casey is very mild tempered and has never bitten anyone. As a watch dog, she is fantastic. anyone walking by or a vehicle parking, she will let out a very loud bark. "Good Job, Casey" then we say "No" if she tries to continue barking. CASEY DOES NOT LIKE FIREWORKS!

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