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B.A. Baracus

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Mixed Breed (Large)


7 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Horses
  • Large Livestock (cows
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


San jose, CA


B.A. Baracas

Attention Jesse’s crew and dog lovers alike! We need your help. BA Baracas, Jesse’s adored orange pit mix needs a new home. B.A. is like an extension of Jesse’s spirit-untamed, wild. Many of us adore him so it is with a heavy heart that Christina, B.A.’s current dog mom, knows she needs to find a better-suited home for him. She has a new baby and not enough time and space to give him the proper conditions this amazing dog deserves.

HISTORY: B.A. was rescued by Jesse from a job site in 2016 as a puppy. For the next 6 years, B.A. remained by his side, even sleeping next to Jesse while women were given the edge of the bed, if even that.

B.A. has now been trained professionally at RawFoodRawDog and can obey many commands-sit, down, break, roll over, shake and Jesse taught B.A. to “close the door”, it’s amazing to witness.

B.A. lives for snuggles and food. He loves to cover his whole entire body under blankets while sleeping and wants nothing more than to be loved on and to have ample space to run the yard, sunbathe and take massive dumps.

B.A. is fixed and has all of his current shots. Taking him into your home would include his next vet visit and shots, ecollar, and the custom made leash Jesse had made for all of the dogs, Springer collar and crate.

CAVEAT: B.A. has gotten along with Bear (Jesse’s dog), and he welcomed Kitt (Jesse and Christina’s dog) into the family when we weren’t sure if he would. He taught Kitt how to be a dog; how to play, hunt, and cause mischief like getting into the garbage.

As B.A. has aged, he is much more regal and mellow. He is great with and around humans BUT, B.A. still has a streak in him that must be understood and taken into consideration very carefully. B.A., historically speaking, has not gotten along with other dogs besides the ones in his pack. B.A. can never be off leash in public and B.A. will never be a dog park kind of dog. If you are considering taking B.A. in and you already have dogs, there is a very high chance this would not work for your family.

B.A. protects his pack and once he has decided to do so, it is nearly impossible to get him to stop or release the other dog from his jaws. Hence the ecollar. B.A. responds incredibly well when he has the ecollar on and can take walks in a neighborhood where other dogs are walking without incident but it would be imperative that the ecollar be used effectively.

We would love for B.A. to find his next right home before a rescue organization is on the table but only if you have the time, the discipline and the understanding of what B.A. truly needs to be kept safe and to keep other dogs safe.

If you think you are the right fit for B.A., please reach out so we can answer any further questions you may have.

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