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Unknown Cat Breed


9 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Cave Creek, AZ


Luna is 9 years old. Sweet and very loving cat. Will not claw you. She is an indoor cat, who won’t go outside. Does not run between your legs. Will avoid you until you sit down and then she will come up for pets and a snuggle. Will hunt flies and rodents if given the opportunity.

Up to date on all shots, recently had a sanitary groomer, and spayed. Best as an only cat, but has lived with another cat and small dog in the past.

We are looking for a home for our cat, Luna, due to our new baby’s allergies to her. We took Luna in from another family friend a few months before our baby was born, since neither of us are allergic we didn’t think it would be an issue but the baby can’t be around her without having an allergic reaction.

Luna is a very sweet, human-oriented cat. She loves to receive affection and will cuddle all day if you let her! She is about 9 years old, but definitely still has a lot of life and energy in her. She makes an excellent companion and is in very good health overall.

She is indoor only, doesn’t scratch furniture so long as she has a scratch post available. Best as an only cat, but has previously lived with other animals with no issue. She can be shy at first, but warms up within a few days and is very affectionate once she feels safe. Up to date on all her shots as of September 2023. Spayed since she was a kitten, has had no litters. Recently had a sanitary grooming. She has had no major health issues.

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