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Siberian Husky


0-1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Denver, CO


Sadie was born July 23, 2023 and I brought Sadie home from the breeder at 8 weeks old. I put a tremendous amount of work into socializing and training her and we have shared so many adventures since then. Sadie can sit, stay, (lay) down, shake, fetch, heel, climb, and crate. She loves to hike year round. She has been a wonderful running parting. Her favorite place to go is the dog park. She's extremely social and will play with any and every dog. She has never been aggressive towards any dog, even when they are aggressive towards her. She has never been aggressive toward any human either. Sadie has been a wonderful dog. However, due to changing job and life circumstances, I can no longer sustain the effort I have put into dog ownership thus far. She is up to date on all of her shots, has been spayed. There is no cost associated with adopting Sadie. I can provide a crate, mat, toys, brush, comb, shedding blade, and baby gates. I'm just looking for a good home and capable owner.

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