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Nicky – One of three black and white kittens named after The Jersey Boys, but she’s actually a girl.

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Domestic Shorthair


0-1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Westby, WI


Here’s Nicky’s story. My husband and I live in the country and in an effort to reduce the number of stray kittens and cats in the area, we put together a 10 x 13 chicken coop in our garage and inside it we erected a 4 x 6 greenhouse along with a heater and beds and blankets with the hopes of housing stray farm cats while we waited to have them spay or neutered. In February once we had everything set up, we scooped up a friendly local stray who we had named Molly Sue, to have a wellness check before scheduling surgery. When at the vet’s office we asked the vet if she was pregnant and they assured us she was not, however shortly after the visit she started getting bigger and bigger, so we took her back in a couple days before her spay date to have her rechecked, and upon review of her x-rays, Molly Sue was in fact pregnant and approximately 7-10 days from giving birth. We had no desire to abort the babies and instead opted to go through with the pregnancy with the hopes of rehoming the kittens once they were old enough. During the last 7 of 10 days, I personally slept in the tent in the garage with Molly just in case she gave birth during the night; she finally gave birth on the 11th day, March 1st. Molly Sue gave birth to 3 black and white kittens and one grey longer hair tabby. Following our first vet check when the kittens were 3 weeks old, the vet determined the grey tabby was a female and the three black and white kittens were all boys. That being said we named the three black and white kittens each after one of The Jersey Boys (Nicky, Tommy & Frankie). Today at their 8-week check-up, the vet has since determined that both Nicky and Frankie are girls, leaving Tommy as the solo boy in the litter. Nicky has been dewormed and has received her first of 3 distemper vaccinations. She is scheduled to receive her 2nd distemper booster on May 23rd and will receive her 3rd booster and rabies vaccinations on July 2nd when she is spayed. Nicky and her siblings are still nursing but are also eating solid foods and drinking water on their own; they are also using the litter box regularly. None have displayed any abnormal behavioral issues.

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