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Anatolian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees


1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Chickens
  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Livestock



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Lakewood, WA


Remy is 17 months old, neutered in 3/19. He is 1/2 Bernese mountain dog, 1/4 Great Pyrenees, and 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd. He is 105 lbs and still growing. He is our beloved family dog and property / chicken guardian. We need to find him a forever farm or homestead with fencing and a job to do. His siblings are all working farm dogs, and I believe Remy is still young enough to be trained to protect livestock. He has a high prey drive and instinctually warns the coyotes to stay away with his bark, and chases them fearlessly when they get too close to our property.

We are heartbroken over the decision to rehome, but we are committed to finding him the perfect forever farm. We live on one unfenced acre in a busy city and he is running past his shock collar gps boundary and I am afraid he is going to get hurt. We are unable to put up any kind of fencing as we do not own the property and the owners do not want us to put up any fencing.

More about him: He was raised with our small shih tzu and is good with other dogs in my extended family that he knows. It is unknown how he does with strange dogs, though I’m sure he’d be fine if properly introduced. He doesn’t have food aggression around humans, but he does towards other dogs if food scraps or a bone is thrown in between them.

He is wonderful with our 4 children ages 3 to 14. He is a playful guy, who loves to come inside for cuddles but then goes right back outside. He is not an indoor dog by any means & he wants to stay on guard all night outside. He's a good swimmer too. He knows basic commands like sit, stay, down, and free. He responds to No, but does NOT have good recall (typical for LGD). He has done several training sessions with a local trainer here in puyallup.

Like most LGD, he is protective of his land and family. Any new or unfamiliar people need to be properly and safely introduced through a routine. He needs to go to a home with owners that are experienced / educated on livestock guardian dogs.

He is truly a great pup. I have so many photos and videos of him if you’d like to see more or if you’d like to meet him please reach out. We are willing to drive just about anywhere if we find him the perfect home.

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