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Unknown Cat Breed


5 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Tacoma, WA


Junkyard, is over three years old. We actually aren't sure how old she really is as a result of picking her up as a stray during the winter of 2021.

She is spayed, she is vaccinated. She is generally super friendly to all humans. Not animals.

She is a tuxedo cat who loves to cuddle. She does best as the only cat, as she does not get along well with other animals. Junkyard has so much love to give, she is so grateful to receive any kind of attention and will lay in your lap for hours. Shes been known to make biscuits on your face, chest, lap, and really anywhere she feels comfortable. She loves the sunshine and the outdoors, and can often be found enjoying her time outside in the summer.

Junkyard loves drinking from our water cups and scent marking your shoes.

Junkyard often times will pick one spot to thoroughly enjoy her time in. Running to and from it throughout the day as she lounges and plays.

Junkyard loves to play with yarn and laser pointers, however, getting to her play can be a challenge. Especially if you haven't had the time or energy to play with her all day. Junkyard loves to scent mark everything she can get her paws on, and loves her scratching posts.

Junkyard needs a space with no other pets, a small yard, and someone who is loving and can invest proper time and effort into her. She comes with her own litterbox, scratching posts, a blanket, and food and water bowls.

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