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Jack Russell Terrier, Mixed Breed (Small)


5 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Stamford, CT


Breed: Jack Russel Terrier Mix
Gender: Female, spayed
Age: 5 years old
Size: 20 lbs
Good with:
Dogs (I’m bonded with my brother, Sweetie)
Men & Women
I haven’t interacted with too many children

Hi, I’m Happy! I’m currently living with my brother, Sweetie, and our foster parents who saved us from getting thrown into an animal shelter in a small town in California when our first owner passed away. They’ve been taking care of us for two months since then and have been training us and socializing us so we aren’t as scared when we meet new people and dogs anymore! We’ve learned tricks and have learned some good manners and have learned how to go to our crates when we get stressed out or when we’re told to, especially to sleep and when our foster parents have to go to work. After learning all of this, we think that we’re ready to find our new forever home. Sweetie and I are hoping to stick together as we have gone through our whole lives together and are able to keep eachother calm. We’re so excited to meet you!

Of the two of us, I’m more energetic than Sweetie. If I’m not crawling over you trying to give you kisses, I’m playing with one of my toys or trying to run around (when I REALLY have energy!) As much as I love being energetic, I also have a lazy side. I’ll lay down and take a nap on the couch if you’ll let me. Otherwise, I’ll be in my crate taking a nap! Although, my favorite place to sleep is right next to you and Sweetie.
If you couldn’t tell, I’m very affectionate. I love being near you, laying on you, getting pet by you, and giving you lots of kisses! Unlike Sweetie, I love being pet a little more rough! I’ll jump up and you can pet me as much as you’d like! Be careful though: If your pets turn playful, I’ll get as rough as you were! I’ll run around and pretend to jump on you and then pretend to bite you as well! It’s a fun game I play, but I make sure to never actually bite! If you’d prefer not to play that rough, I love to play tug with my rope toys! Even if you aren’t available to play with me, I can play all by myself as long as I have a squeaky toy or a rope toy! Apparently, it’s really cute when I roll onto my back and dangle my toy above me as I’m chewing on it, because anytime I do it, my foster parents are laughing!
As a warning, sometimes I get confused about what is and what isn’t a toy. If I see a stuffed animal or anything that looks like it, I’ll assume you got me a new toy! If you don’t want me chewing on it, then keep it away from me! The same goes for anything that looks like a rope!
If you really want to do my favorite thing, then I’d love to go on a walk! I’ll be honest, I do pull a little, but my foster parents are trying to get me to stop and listen when they call my name. When we see dogs on our walks, I’ll get really excited. I love other dogs. Sometimes I get excited and will say hi to them, but sometimes they scare me and I’ll growl if they come up too quickly. But most of the time, I just love to sniff all the new smells that have come since the last time we walked! If you have a treat ready while we walk, I’ll remember to listen to you and will do better at doing so.
Lastly, in my first home, I was attached to the hip to my loved one. Because of this, I’ve gotten pretty used to people being around all the time and don’t really like being left alone. I’ve learned to be a little more calm when my foster parents leave for work, but still would rather be in a home where people aren’t gone from home for way too long. We’ve been living in our foster parents’ apartment, but were used to having a big yard to run around in – and I LOVE to run. So while we would be happy with you in an apartment, we would love to have a yard! Otherwise, we would be happy enough being able to run around on a walk with you!
Thanks for reading about me! I’m so excited to meet you!

I am bonded to my brother, Sweetie so I’m used to being around other dogs! I get a little scared at first, but I warm up pretty quickly!
I don’t think I’ve ever lived with a cat before, so I don’t know how I feel about them
I’ve lived with men and women, but have never lived with children before. I see them on walks and I seem to like them!
One thing, though: When I’m testing to see if I like a person, if they move too quickly, I get scared and bark at them. I’ve never attempted to bite anyone, though.

Favorite Activities:
Going on walks
Being pet and giving you kisses
Playing with my rope toys and squeaker toys
Snuggling next to you
Snuggling next to Sweetie

Why am I looking for a new home?
After my first loved one passed away, Sweetie and I were at risk of being put into an animal shelter in a small town that was very secluded. There was a risk that we wouldn’t be rehomed together or even at all. Thankfully, our foster parents were able to take us into their home before that could happen! We’ve loved living with them, however they cannot take care of us for the rest of our lives. We’re looking for someone who will love us forever!

I’m fully vaccinated and up to date with all my shots
I’m spayed
The vet didn’t say anything else was wrong when he gave me a check up

I’m bonded to my brother, Sweetie, so I’d prefer to go to our new home together.The most important things to remember about me is that I’m a small, spayed female who is 5 years old. I love cuddling up to you and being pet and I will try to give you a kiss any chance I get! I’m a ball of energy, so it would probably be best to leave me with some toys while you’re away and I’d love to go on walks to sniff around and burn off some of that energy. I’m currently up to date on all my shots and don’t have any other medical concerns according to my vet. I’m so excited to meet you and fall in love with you!

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