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Labrador Retriever


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Austin, TX


Asher is a wonderful house pet! He's around 1.5-2 years old, goofy, very trainable, and affectionate. He is so incredibly sweet and great with people.

- Crate Trained: goes in when told
- Potty Trained: should continue to be on a crated schedule but has not has an accident in a month. He is now beginning to tell us he needs to go out!
- Great with People: strangers commented he's a total "love bug." He's great when guests, come over to the home. And has done great with toddlers/young children in short supervised settings (very gentle)
- Knows Basic Commands: sit, stay, lay down, touch/targetting, heel and go to bed/place. He is super food motivated so learns tricks/commands quickly.
- Recall and Release: getting better everyday. His release word from his crate or sitting is "free".
- Leash/Walking: loose leash walker. But is leash reactive. We've been working with him on engage/disengage.
- Other Dogs: at the shelter he was kenneled with other dogs. And he has interacted with some dogs at daycare

He is medium energy. Asher enjoys running and sniffing in the yard. He's a velcro dog, so enjoys being in the same room as people. But also likes to lounge (we've worked on relaxation training), and plays with toys on his own.

Asher is both barrier and leash reactive with dogs. His reactivity can get better with training and time. We have worked with professional trainers and gone to dog training classes with Asher so he has a good foundation.

We live on a loud street full of leashed and stray dogs and it's a very stressful environment for him. We're heartbroken to let him go but we know a quieter home and street would help him have a happier and fuller life. We adopted Asher from AAC and have had him for about 3 months.

We want to ensure Asher settles well into his new home so he will come with his crate, dog bed, toys, leash, harness, food and other essentials.

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