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Domestic Medium Hair


8 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Special Diet


Vancouver, WA


Kasha wants to be cuddled all the time every day, she'll put up with being alone but loves her people. Once she is in your lap the only way to get her out is by forcibly removing her, and she'll let you know she does not approve. She is pretty skittish of people who don't live in the home, but if you have frequent visitors she will warm up... eventually, especially when she learns that she can get pets.

She loves being warm and will look for places the sun shines onto the ground and if you leave an open box on the ground she will check to see if she fits.

Kasha is very expressive for a cat, and will look at you with adoration as she's being cuddled, or pleading when she wants to be held, or concern when she's at the vet. She is very gentle and does not use her claws during play.

She would do fine with other cats but likely fine without them as well. She doesn't play with them, but will use their body warmth for her own gain. Kasha did get frightened by a child when she was young and is pretty wary of loud kids, but does not seem frightened of our young daughter.

She is very food motivated and for that reason shouldn't be free fed.

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