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American Shorthair


0-1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Eau Claire, WI


Chet is a handsome, young male (7 to 9 months old), all black American short hair with yellow eyes. His lively nature is due to starting life on a barn but has since been living indoors. Chet is a highly social cat and prefers to be with people, he follows you everywhere unless he's sleeping. He's constantly playing, mischievous at times, and quite comical. He will cuddle from time to time, but mostly will be present where-ever you are.

Due to his age, he has a lot of energy. Occasionally, he will run around the house and up/down the stairs like a mad man. Since he wasn't around other cats his age, he will require your attention or is in need of toys (we will provide to new owners) to keep him entertained. He will definitely keep you on your toes! Some work maybe needed to socialize with other cats, but is likely to get along with cats his age or somewhat older that will play/wrestle with him. We currently have a senior cat that Chet has never shown aggression towards, however, Chet will try to wrestle with him. We have to separate them when they are not supervised, otherwise Chet will continue to annoy and taunt the senior...I am not sure how well he would do with dogs. Any small animal pets would be at risk since he is a good mouser and birder.

I believe he would be excellent with a family with older children, a couple, or one-on-one owner. Due to his claws and teeth, he could be an issue for smaller kids that are not aware of his personalities and behaviors. He is up to date with rabies and distemper vaccines, his blood work was excellent (no diseases or parasites), and was recently neutered.

Chet is in need of a new home because my mother, as the current owner, was diagnosed with cancer two months ago, and will need to move to Ohio, living with me for continued care and treatment. With the exception of our senior cat, I sadly cannot provide a home for this cute, rambunctious male and will work diligently to finding him the right home.

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