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Unknown Cat Breed


2 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Carlisle, PA


Milo is an affectionate Tuxedo cat - he was found as a stray when he was just a few weeks old, but he grew up quickly into a strong and handsome cat. He likes to be held and petted, wrestling, playing with strings and springs, and taking naps with his people or in pet beds. He often will initiate physical affection and will rub up against you or lie down on you to take naps.
Behaviorally, Milo is very friendly with friends and family, though is shy around new strangers and might be less overtly affectionate towards them. He has been around young children a couple of times and did well with them, but due to his propensity for physical play I would be cautious with him interacting with kids abd make sure they know how to diffuse play with him.

Milo does have three problem behaviors, or behaviors that I found to be problems, anyway: he likes to try initiate play involving his teeth and claws, will sharpen his claws surfaces, and on rare occassions has expressed being upset. I have been training him to not bite or use his claws during play and physical interaction, pairing the word "ouch" said with firm intonation with the cessation of play or petting. This has worked well: Milo usually will stop promptly if you do this, though it needs to be repeated every time he goes to use his teeth or claws while interacting. He is more likely to try and initiate rough play with bare skin, especially bare legs. He will sometimes claw furniture or carpet (as do most cats), though he does use scratching posts too and is easily correctible over it. Regarding his temper, on very rare occassions he has gotten mad if forbidden to do something, like being forced to stop play if he has already gotten excited, or been removed from a closet he's gone into that he really didn't want to leave. When he has been mad, he's folded his ears back and swatted the air to display his displeasure, or may nip at you if you try to pick him up. It hasn't happened often, but it's a behavior I don't tolerate in him and have been training him out of. He is usually very responsive to being disciplined with spritzes from a squirt-bottle, however, and is a submissive and pleasant cat. He's also quite placid if wrapped in a blanket and will let you do whaver you need to do with him if you cover him up first. I mention these because he certainly has the potential to do such things, but he has a happy and affectionate temperment and has been a good cat while I've had him.

Milo has always been a solo pet: I haven't seen him interact with other animals, so I don't know how he will hande othr pets. We got him all of his vaccines within the first 6 months or so of having him; we have copies of his medical records which I'd be happy to show.

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